How to fit TOE CAP Toe Warmers

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  1. When fitting your Toe Caps, remember that cycling cleats are very sharp.
  2. Ensure you lift the Toe Cap strap over the shoe cleat without touching the cleat. This will avoid damage to the Toe Cap during fitting.
  3. Once the strap is lifted high over the cleat, you can position the full Toe Cap securely as shown in our photos and you should not experience any damage to the Toe Cap or shoe.
  4. Toe Caps are NOT recommended for very wide feet.



How to fit AIRHEAD

  1. For helmets with fixed internal fabic lining (e.g motorcycle, scooter)
  2. Insert the Airhead into your helmet with soft-nodules facing outwards towards the hair/scalp and fully fitted into the helmet inner shell, Airhead label to rear.
  3. Adjust the Airhead to suit – we recommend moving the Airhead away from the forehead and more towards the rear.
  4. Note: If there are foam removable crown pad/s, remove this first.



We do not recommend Airhead for riders with little or no hair.


The Airhead can be moved slightly towards the front or back of the helmet, try different positions for comfort. Away from the forehead is usually a good idea.


If your helmet is an average-to-loose fit, the Airhead will improve fit and comfort.

If you have a tight fitting helmet, Airhead will make this tighter. The Airhead should not be pressing down hard on your scalp. If so, consider re-fitting lining or changing helmet.


The Airhead does not affect any side padding already in place, nor any structural or safety properties of your helmet.

IMPORTANT: Twowheelcool products do not purport to provide any additional safety protection if used with or without other safety or sports equipment.

We do not claim to have any products which protect against injury and use of our products are not related to the function or purpose of the two wheeled vehicle, helmet, clothing or other accessories you have chosen to use. You take all responsibility for structural changes made to your equipment whether they are used with or without Twowheelcool accessories.

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